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 AIMinho - Associação Empresarial


Representing approximately 2 000 companies, AIMinho is one of the most dynamic business associations in the country, with a strong role in the associative movement: President of UERN – União Empresarial da Região Norte; member of the Board of CIP – Confederação da Indústria Portuguesa; President of the General Assembly of the FENAME - Federação Nacional do Metal.


The association provides a wide range of services, including legal services [labour, tax and commercial law; industrial property; licences for civil construction and public works; foreign investment (applicable legal procedures)]; professional training (accredited by IQF - Instituto para a Qualidade na Formação, which ensures the quality of the services provided and their conformity with DGERT´s (former IQF) internal references); internationalisation [market information; entrepreneurial missions; business opportunities; information and awareness activities; EU legislation and other EU relevant entrepreneurial subjects; networking (member of the Enterprise Europe Network and EURES Crossborder partner)].



With headquarters in Braga, AIMinho develops its main activity within the geographical area known as Minho Region (districts of Braga and Viana do Castelo), committed to providing quality services, improvement and customer satisfaction, according to the Quality Standards ISO 9001.

successor of the Grémio das Indústrias e Metalomecânicas (Guild of the Metallurgical and Mechanical Engineering Industries of Braga) founded in 1956, AIMinho was created in 1975 as a multisectorial corporate association and a non-profit private organisation providing public services.


As part of its mission, AIMinho “actively participates in regional, national and international forums, to create conditions more favourable to entrepreneurship and contributing to the economic, social and cultural development of the region”.


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